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Andrea Huppers Gallery for contemporary
jewelry in Cologne-Nippes
Axel Pape Theatre, film and
television actor
Britta Demmer Press and Texts
Caroline Harris Quality waistcoats and bow ties,
also known in England as
Mummy's Bow Ties
Christiane Helmstedt Everything that your dog wants
Daniela Marquardt Body painting, art and poetry
Dieter Stiller Cologne projects
Eliane Koller
Ariane Bethusy-Huc
Filmmakers of the
highest niveau
Elmar Grüber Entertainer and Reader
Evelyne Egerer
Bobby Sommer
Discoverers and Travellers
Fatih Cevikkollu Comedy from Fatihland
Frank Koellges Music, Music, Music
Guildo Horn Musician and Entertainer
Jan Brückner Best DJ in the world
Let music free your soul
Jiri Hampl Photographer with style
Juan A. Gamero
Carmen Rodríguez
Filmmakers from Barcelona
Karl Zotter Group photography
and advertising
Katy Karrenbauer Theatre and
television actress
Lulu Sorrentino
Jan Soencksen
The circus for young and old
Milan Sládek Pantomime artist
and actor
Raimund Stuka
Nicole Lutman
Tasty catering
Roland Weigelt The yoga school with om
Tanja de Wendt Germany's stunt lady
Udo Schild Soul is the preacher
jazz is the teacher
but it's nothing without a song
Uwe Haack Media and Culture
Vera Deckers Mucho comedy